Turning Difficulties into Opportunities

I am truly grateful to have PHASE at this time in my life. I thank you from my heart for the support you give us. - Sue


Nothing prepares you for the discovery that the person you love more than anyone else is a sex addict/sexual compulsive. Feelings of betrayal, confusion, fear, doubt and shame are just some of the feelings partners of Sex Addicts experience. At ARISE Counselling Solutions we understand how brutally painful this discovery is, and the difficulties inherent in living with someone you love who suffers from addiction, and in particular sexual addiction. It's hard to talk about a spouses sexual addiction and the impact that this has, so seeking support is not always an easy option and, in fact, in many cases there is no one who feels safe to talk to! So at ARISE Counselling Solutions we began PHASE....a Partners Healing and Support Environment which is run by women for women. This is a safe and confidential place to meet regularly, either face to face or by joining our online support group, with others who are experiencing similar issues. At PHASE we share our experience, strength, hope and fears in a safe and non-judgemental environment.






A Partners Healing & Support Environment



Because its hard being the partner of a sex addict/compulsive we offer confidential support and the opportunity for connection and healing.

We understand the difficulties you face.


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